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BAMBOO Vanilla and White Woods Wax Melt

If you love organic, woody fragrances and are searching for something a little different in your wax melts then look no further! With an almost soap-like feel, these gorgeous square melts offer a modern twist on the more traditional round shape. Evocative indulgence awaits with irresistible Vanilla enriched with white florals and gently infused with seductive musk and blonde woods. With the unique Bamboo branding creating a stand-out impression and a choice of scents, these hand poured soy wax melts make an ideal gift or self-purchase.

Top Note: Chamomile
Middle Note: Vanilla Bean
Base Note: Blonde Woods

  • Creamy vanilla infused with white florals and blonde woods imparting a sensory delight.
  • Easy to use and swift to release a delightful fragrance.
  • Each unique square wax melt provides up to 12 hours of fabulous fragrance.
  • Hand poured pure white soy wax infused with natural essential oils.
  • Fragrance time: up to 12 hours

Weight: 26g