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East Of India Square Porcelain Plaque Family

The perfect gift to give to someone to show how important family are , a porcelain Square with the wording “family is where life begins and love never ends ” with the illustration of a house , a lovely sentiment to hang in the home .

Size: 10 x 10 x 0.8cm

East of India products are designed in Britain


East of India takes seriously its corporate responsibility on environmental issues. For a number of years they have been involved with a tree planting project in Indonesia. Wood used in today’s products come from seedlings planted no more than 10 years ago. Each tree harvested is replaced with another, which in turn will be ready to use 10 years after planting. The tree used is Albizia Falcata, grown in the foothills on dry land that cannot be used for rice fields.

East of India is also the owner and guardian of ‘Oak Wood’ in Kent, 22 acres designated as ancient woodland in an area of outstanding natural beauty and a site of special scientific interest.